48 List Of Courses Offered In Bauchi State University | NUC Approved

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Hello there!!! Are you interested in knowing the list of courses offered in Bauchi State University | BASUG List Of Courses? Do you also wish to know the official cut off Mark for the 2024/2025 Academic Session? If yes is the answers to the above question, the you are advised to Stick to this page.

In this article we will be providing you the comprehensive list of courses offered in Bauchi State University and the required Cut Off Mark for the 2024/2025 Academic Session, stay calm as we dive into the full discussion.

List Of Courses Offered Bauchi State University 2024/2025

Listed below are the list of courses offered in Bauchi State University NUC Approved.

1. Accountancy/Accounting (B.SC.)
2. Accounting Technology (B.SC.)
3. Agricultural Economics and Extension (B.A.)
4. Agriculture (B.SC.)
5. Applied Zoology (B.SC.)
6. Arabic Studies (B.A.)
7. Banking and Finance (B.SC.)
8. Biochemistry (B.SC.)
9. Botany (B.SC.)
10. Business Administration (B.SC.)
11. Business Management (B.SC.)
12. Chemistry (B.SC.)
13. Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies (B.A.)
14. Computer Science (B.SC.)
15. Economics (B.SC.)
16. Education and Biology (B.SC. or B.A.)
17. Education and Chemistry (B.SC. or B.A.)
18. Education and Computer Science (B.SC. or B.A.)
19. Education and English Language (B.SC. or B.A.)
20. Education and Mathematics (B.SC. or B.A.)
21. Education and Physics (B.SC. or B.A.)
22. English Language (B.A.)
23. Hausa (B.A.)
24. Human Anatomy (B.SC.)
25. Industrial Chemistry (B.SC.)
26. Industrial Design (B.SC. or B.A.)
27. Information Technology (B.SC.)
28. Islamic Studies (B.A.)
29. Law (B.A.)
30. Library and Information Science (B.SC. or B.A.)
31. Literature in English (B.A.)
32. Marketing (B.SC.)
33. Mathematics (B.SC.)
34. Microbiology (B.SC.)
35. Petrochemical Engineering (B.SC.)
36. Pharmacology (B.SC.)
37. Pharmacy (B.SC.)
38. Physics (B.SC.)
39. Physics and Applied Physics (B.SC.)
40. Physiology (B.SC.)
41. Political Science (B.SC. or B.A.)
42. Public Health (B.SC. or B.A.)
43. Public Health Technology (B.SC. or B.A.)
44. Sociology (B.SC. or B.A.)
45. Statistics (B.SC.)
46. Teacher Education Science (B.SC. or B.A.)
47. Urban and Regional Planning (B.SC. or B.A.)
48. Zoology (B.SC.)

Above are the Updated and comprehensive List of courses offered in Bauchi State University. This page will be Updated once there is accreditation of New Courses.

List Of Courses Offered In Bauchi State University and their Cut Off Mark 2024/2025

The Cut off marks for the 2024/2025 Academic Session Have been announced by the University management during their last meeting in  reviewing the cut off mark.

The schedule cut off mark that all candidates/Aspirants who wishes to Gain Admissions into the university must meet is 140.

Below are the school cut off mark for the 2024/2025 session.

No. Course Degree Cutoff Mark
1 Accountancy/Accounting B.SC. 140
2 Accounting Technology B.SC. 140
3 Agricultural Economics and Extension B.A. 140]
4 Agriculture B.SC. 140
5 Applied Zoology B.SC. 140
6 Arabic Studies B.A. 140
7 Banking and Finance B.SC. 140
8 Biochemistry B.SC. 140
9 Botany B.SC. 140
10 Business Administration B.SC. 140
11 Business Management B.SC. 140
12 Chemistry B.SC. 140
13 Christian Religious Knowledge/Studies B.A. 140
14 Computer Science B.SC. 140
15 Economics B.SC. 140
16 Education and Biology B.SC. 140
17 Education and Chemistry B.SC. 140
18 Education and Computer Science B.SC. or B.A. 140
19 Education and English Language B.SC. or B.A. 140
20 Education and Mathematics B.SC. 140
21 Education and Physics B.SC. or B.A. 140
22 English Language B.A. 140
23 Hausa B.A. 140
24 Human Anatomy B.SC. 140
25 Industrial Chemistry B.SC. 140
26 Industrial Design B.SC. or B.A. 140
27 Information Technology B.SC. 140
28 Islamic Studies B.A. 140
29 Law B.A. 140
30 Library and Information Science B.SC. 140
31 Literature in English B.A. 140
32 Marketing B.SC. 140
33 Mathematics B.SC. 140
34 Microbiology B.SC. 140
35 Petrochemical Engineering B.SC. 140
36 Pharmacology B.Sc 200
37 Pharmacy B.Sc. 220
38 Physics B.SC. 140
39 Physics and Applied Physics B.Sc. 140
40 Political Science B.SC. 140
41 Public Health B.SC. 140
42 Public Health Technology B.A 180
43 Sociology  B.A. 140
44 Statistics B.Sc. 140
45 Teacher Education B.SC. 140
46 Urban and Regional Planning B.SC. 140
47 Zoology B.Sc 140
48 Teacher Education B.SC. 140

Bauchi State University Admissions Requirements 2024/2025

  • The requirements to gain admissions into Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta depends on the your choice of course to study in the institution.
  • However, there are some general requirements that all students who wishes to study in the university must meet .
  • Before you can be admitted into Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta you have to meet up with their requirements which will be highlight below.
  • Have at least minimum of five 5 O’Level credit either WAEC, NECO, NABTEB in relevant Subject and it shouldn’t be more than two sittings.
  • All applicants are requested to have a minimum JAMB score of 180 In the recent JAMB examinations.
  • All Applicants who wishes to gain admissions into 200 level must have a merit pass in National Certificate of Examinations, National Diploma (ND) and other advance Level certificate
  • All aspirants who wishes to study in the university must have the required UTME score
  • All applicants who wishes to study in the university must meet the Departmental Cut Off point.


Knowing About Bauchi State University List Of Courses and Cut Off Mark University Will prepare you towards both the UTME examination and the Post UTME which will give you a chance to gain admissions into the University easily without stress.

To know More about Bauchi State University, please make sure you navigate to this website and Incase you have any questions regarding Bauchi State University School fees, Cut Off Mark, Admissions List, POST UTME Form, and others kindly write it on the comment session as all question will be attend to as soon as possible.

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