How To Score 250 and Above in JAMB 2024/2025 [Full steps]

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Have you have been searching for how to score 250 and above in JAMB? Did you want to study a course that requires higher JAMB score and you don’t know how to come about scoring 250 and above in your JAMB?

If yes is the answer to the question above then you are the right place, Worry no more.

In this article we will be providing you the in detail how to score 250 and above in your JAMB examinations.

2023/2024 JAMB Result Statistics

According to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) the  results statistics for the 2023/2034 JAMB result is shown below

S/N Cum. Range Total Number of Candidates Total No. of Candidates with O/L Results Uploaded (%) of C to B Number of Awaiting Results
1 200 & above 404,542 129,336 31.97 275,206
2 190 & above 568,842 180,309 31.70 388,533
3 180 & above 781,327 244,963 31.35 536,364
4 170 & above 1,041,234 320,216 30.75 721,018
5 160 & above 1,329,289 398,984 30.01 930,305
6 130 & above 1,866,444 531,382 28.47 1,335,062
7 120 & above 1,889,801 536,813 28.41 1,352,988

From the table display above can all see that it is only 31.97% students who score 200 and above the the recent JAMB examinations, and out of that 31.97% of students who score 200  only 9% score 250 and above which is so bad.

The purpose of publishing this article is to help the students who wishes to score 250 and  above in the their upcoming JAMB examinations.

How Can I Score 250 and Above  In JAMB?

If this question have been given you a sleepless night,  I want to assure you not to anymore, because we will be providing you tips to score 250 and above in your JAMB exam.

Scoring 250 in JAMB is not huge task that you can’t accomplish, having  a high JAMB score is not all about studying hard , no it is not. Scoring 250 JAMB score is about how smart you are in your learning and how you can  adopt smart study strategies and a positive mindset.

Below are the guidelines you will be needing to score 250 and above in you JAMB

  1. The first thing to do as  students who wishes to score 250 and above in your JAMB exam is to get the JAMB Syllabus. JAMB Syllabus will serve as a guide for you what to read and what not to read. You can download that from their official website @
  2. Buy the recommended textbook and key points: the next thing to do after knowing the JAMB Syllabus is to get the recommended textbook and key points that are being suggested by the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB).
  3. Start Reading Early: there is a popular adage that’s says “time wait for no man” it is better you start preparing once you obtain you JAMB Form and through with the necessary requirements. Reading Early will stand you a chance to finish you Syllabus before it time for the exam which will create you chance to do revision.
  4. Be mindful of your time: as a student who wishes to score 250 and above in JAMB you need to be mindful of your time always, you don’t have to waste your time on things that are not important to your Academics set your timetable and read one it is time for you to read.
  5. Go for tutorial: attending tutorial will broaden your knowledge which will give you a chance to score a good grade in your exam; have a private tutor if possible and a creat a conducive environment for learning for yourself, this will prevent you from distraction and noice.
  6. Make use of YouTube channel: the YouTube is as verse as the world, utilize  the use youtube for learning this  will speed up you learning rate and give you a higher understand capacity, and if there is anything you don’t understand just search it on YouTube you will see it exactly or something similar to that.
  7. Roll with like minds: move with people who also have the ambition of scoring high in their exam not those who don’t care about the exam, by doing this you this will strengthen the passion in you to accomplish you mission
  8. Do not be shy to ask questions: don’t not be shy to ask questions either from your tutor, your friend what’s so ever ask any questions to clear your doubt.
  9. Identify and work on the subject you are weak at : one of the most important thing is to know your self this this means that you should be able to identify you weakness, by identifying this you have solve the problem half way. After identifying your weakness it is better you start working on it

10.Motivate your self to study: motivate and rewards your self for studying by doing so you will always have the zeal to continue studying tirelessly.

What Is The Secret of Scoring High in JAMB?

The secret of scoring high mark in JAMB are highlighted below

  1. Dedication
  2. Discipline
  3.  Effective study strategies
  4. Time management
  5. Smart Learning

How Can I Score High in UTME?

To score a high mark in UTME is not a very huge task to accomplish, you can actually get it done by following the steps Below.

  1. Make use JAMB Syllabus
  2. Make use recommend textbook
  3. Be mindful of your time
  4. Set a goals to accomplish everyday
  5. Read smart not hard
  6. Be prayerful
  7. Rewards yourself everytime u accomplish your daily goal.


Scoring 250 and above in JAMB is not just a destination; it’s a journey. Armed with dedication, strategic planning, and these friendly tips, you’re well-equipped for success. Remember, this adventure is not just about conquering the exam but also about discovering the best version of yourself. Best of luck on your JAMB journey!


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