NDLEA Salary, Ranks and Allowances Structures 2024/2025

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NDLEA Salary Ranks and Allowances:- Hey there!! Are you interested in knowing the current NDLEA salary? Are you also interested in working with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency Rank and NDLEA Allowance? If Yes is your answer to the question above you are here by advised to Stick to this page.

In this article we will be discussing vividly on NDLEA salary, rank and allowance for the year 2024/2025 but before that I will like to digress to give an overview about the National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)


NDLEA is an acronym which stands for National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency, it is a paramilitary Organization which is responsible for eliminate the manufacturing, growing, selling l exporting and abusing of Hard Drugs, The agency was Established in the year 1989.

NDLEA Salary 2024 Rank and Allowance

These who are interested in joining the National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) have been asking How much is NDLEA Salary rank and Allowance.

NDLEA Rank is just like other paramilitary agencies rank, meaning their rank is directly proportional to their qualifications (the higher the qualifications the higher the rank).

For an instance those who have just an O’Level certificate are been employed to the rank of private Narcotics, those who who have National Diploma or NCE are being employed to the rank of  Lance corporal of Narcotics and finally the graduate (BSC and HND) are being employed to the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Narcotics II

NDLEA Rank 2024/2025

Listed below is the comprehensive and updated Rank for both the commissioned and the non commissioned Officer.

NDLEA Commissioned Officers Ranks

  1. Commander General of Narcotic.
  2. Deputy Commander General of Narcotic.
  3. Commander of Narcotic.
  4. Deputy Commander of Narcotic.
  5. Chief Superintendent of Narcotic.
  6. Superintendent of Narcotic.
  7. Assistant Superintendent of Narcotic.
  8. Assistant Superintendent of Narcotic II.

NDLEA Non Commissioned Officers Ranks

  1. Inspector of Narcotics.
  2. Assistant Inspector of Narcotics.
  3. Senior Corporal of Narcotics.
  4. Corporal of Narcotics.
  5. Lance Corporal of Narcotics.
  6. Private of Narcotics.

Listed above are the rank in The NDLEA. Now see how Much Does NDLEA Officers Earn.

NDLEA Salary Structure

The National Drug Law and Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) Salary Officers receive different salaries based on their ranks.

  • Those who join as graduates earn more than those with O’Level certificate. O’Level certificate holders at NDLEA earn around N46,320 to N47,565 monthly .
  • If you have a National Diploma or NCE, your monthly salary would be about N47,067 to N48,654.
  • For NDLEA graduates with HND or BSC, the monthly salary ranges from approximately N110,743 to N130,293.

 Important Notice

It is important to know that NDLEA salaries are categorized by grades or ranks, your grade will corresponds to your rank within the agency. Below is the comprehensive salary structure for NDLEA officers.

NDLEA Salary and Ranks 2024/2025

S/N Ranks Monthly Salary Annual Salary
1 Grade 1 N46,321 to N47,561 N410,667 to N451,057
2 Grade 2 N47,061 to N48,651 N564,804 to N583,848
3 Grade 3 N48,851 to N49,551 N586,248 to N664,236
4 Grade 4 N51,641 to N55,351 N619,740 to N664,234
5 Grade 5 N54,741 to N59,751 N656,952 to N717,072
6 Grade 6 N90,451 to N98,331 N1,085,472 to N1,180,032
7 Grade 7 N110,741 to N130,291 N1,328,916 to N1,563,516
8 Grade 8 N143,021 to N151,081 N1,716,276 to N1,813,044
9 Grade 9 N151,731 to N179,051 N1,820,868 to N2,148,600
10 Grade 10 N205,671 to N223,451 N2,468,076 to N2,681,400
11 Grade 11 N220,381 to N256,741 N2,644,608 to N3,080,988
12 Grade 12 N236,571 to N268,901 N2,838,936 to N3,226,096
13 Grade 13 N307,821 to N378,001 N3,693,912 to N4,536,096
14 Grade 14 N379,231 to N392,001 N4,550,856 to N4,704,096
15 Grade 15 N425,901 to N501,651 N5,110,872 to N6,019,884



Listed below are the allowance that an NDLEA officer benefits

  • Traveling Allowance.
  • Medical Allowance.
  • Housing Allowance.
  • Penson plan.
  • Dental benefits.
  • Life insurance.
  • Stock options.
  • Mean vouchers.
  • Time off on Public holidays.
  • Paid sick leave.
  • Maternity leave for female.
  • Mobile Phone Performance-based Bonus.
  • Annual 13 month bonuses.
  • Health insurance.

NDLEA Salary For Graduate BSC/HND

NDLEA Salary for graduate ranges from N120,000 to N140,000, the annual salary for Graduate for NDLEA officer ranges from N1,205,905 to N1,400,000 plus some other allowance or benefits.

NDLEA Salary For ND Holder

The schedule salary for a ND Holder ranges from N80,000 to N100,000 monthly and the annual salary is N1,000,000. NDLEA officer with ND certificate enjoy more dividend compare to O’Level certificate holder.

NDLEA Salary For O’Level Certificate Holder

NDLEA salary for an O’Level certificate holder ranges from N50,000 to N65,000 the annual salary is  almost N900,000 and there are room for other benefits and allowance.


What Is the Monthly Allowance for NDLEA?

NDLEA monthly allowance ranges from N20,000 to N40,000 monthly, NDLEA officer with SSCE, OND and ND qualification earn an allowance which ranges from N20,000 to N45,000 monthly while the B.SC and the HND holders are paid an allowance which ranges from N25,000 to N50,000 monthly.

What Level Is NCE in NDLEA?

In NDLEA, NCE holders are employed to Level 6 which is thesame as OND holders.

What Is The Duration of NDLEA Training?

From our research, NDLEA training duration last for 9 months for graduate while the non graduate training last for 1 year. It is important to know that that the training duration can change at anytime depending on the system of government that’s operating.


We have reach the end of this article, we believe you have seen what you are searching if you have any questions regarding NDLEA salary structure kindly drop it in the comments session below.

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