How Much Is FULAFIA School Fees For All Students 2024/2025?

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Welcome to Students Cabal  Educational blog! Have you been wondering How Much Is Federal University of Lafia School Fees? If you are so much interested in knowing FULAFIA School Fees for the 2024/2025 Academic Session, you have come to the right place. Okay let’s delve into Federal University Lafia School Fees and feel free to any questions regarding this post, by leaving us comment in the comment session.

FULAFIA is an abbreviation for Federal University of Lafia, it is a Federal university that is located in Lafia, it is one the recently established university situated in Lafia, the capital of Nasarawa State, this was established in year 2010 during the administration of president Goodluck Jonathan as one of the nine new federal universities established in the six geo-political zones of Nigeria.

Would you believe that Federal University  Of Lafia has just released the school fees for the 2024/2025 Academic Session which ranges From N50,000 to N85,000

Federal University  Of Lafia school fees varies From one department to the other depending on the choice of Course to study students level of Education and Academic Session.

FULAFIA School Fees 2024/2025 For New and Returning Students

FULAFIA schedule school fees for New student for the 2024/2025 academic session is set to range from N50,000 to N85,000 depending on the choice of course and department.

Below is the brake down of the schedule school for New students on Federal University Of Lafia FULAFIA

1 Banking And Finance N50,000
2 Arabic Studies N50,000
3 Islamic Studies N50,000
4 English Language N50,000
5 French N50,000
6 Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies N50,000
7 Hausa N50,000
8 Agriculture N50,000
9 Agricultural Economics and Extension N50,000
10 Animal Production N60,000
11 Agricultural Economics and Farm N60,000
12 Agricultural Economics and Farm Management N60,000
13 Crop Production N60,000
14 Basic Health Science N60,000
15 Human Anatomy N50,000
16 Physiology N60,000
17 Biochemistry N50,000
18 Pharmacology N60,000
19 Agricultural Science and Education N50,000
20 Building Education N60,000
21 Education and Hausa N50,000
22 Education and Biology N55,000
23 Education and Chemistry N55,000
24 Education and Computer Science N50,000
25 Education and English Language N55,000
26 Business Education N55,000
27 Education and Arabic N55,000
28 Education and Christian Religious Studies N55,000
29 Education and Physics N55,000
30 Education and Integrated Science N55,000
31 Education and Islamic Studies N55,000
32 Education and Mathematics N55,000
33 Secretarial Education N55,000
34 Education and Science N55,000
35 Electrical / Electronics Education N55,000
36 Library and Information Science N55,000
37 Metal Work Technology Education N55,000
38 Wood Work / Education N65,000
39 Vocational Education N65,000
40 Automobile Engineering N65,000
41 Political Science N65,000
42 Arabic Studies N50,000
43 Islamic Studies N50,000
44 English Language N65,000
45 French N65,000
46 Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies N50,000
47 Hausa N65,000
48 Agriculture N50,000
49 History N65,000
50 Sociology N65,000
51 civil Engineering N65,000
52 Chemical Engineering N65,000
53 Automobile Engineering N65,000
54 Agricultural Engineering N50,000
55 Building Technology N65,000
56 Petroleum Engineering N65,000
57 Mechanical Engineering N65,000
58 Mechatronics And System N65,000
59 Estate Management N50,000
60 Quantity Surveying N65,000
61 Urban and Regional Planning N50,000
62 Law N50,000
63 Business Management N50,000
64 Applied Zoology N65,000
65 Applied Botany N65,000
66 Applied Geology N50,000
67 Ecology N50,000
68 Botany N50,000
69 Computer Science N65,000
70 Information Technology N65,000
71 Geology N50,000
72 Geophysics N50,000
73 Industrial Chemistry N50,000
74 Statistics N65,000
75 Chemistry N65,000
76 Mathematics N65,000
77 Physics N65,000
78 Zoology N65,000
79 Social and Management Science N50,000
80 Accountancy/Accounting N65,000

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FULAFIA School Fees For Returning Students 2024/2025

The table below is the schedule school fees fro Returning Students from the following faculties;

Faculty 200 Level Other Year Final Year
Social Sciences ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Public Admin ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Agriculture ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Education ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Arts ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Business Admin ₦57,600.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Environmental Sciences ₦47,000.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Vocational Technical Education ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Engineering ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Physical Sciences ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Biological Sciences ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Vet Medicine ₦49,600.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Law ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00
Medicine ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00 ₦55,100.00

How To Pay FULAFIA School Fees 2024/2025

Below is the step by step on how to pay Federal University  Of Lafia school fees via the school portal Follow the steps Below;

  • Navigate to FULAFIA official websites at: using chrome or any other browser.
  • Enter your registration number as the username and then password to login.
  • Navigate to the menu button and Click on “School Fees” then select the Option “Pay School Fees”
  • You are to read the procedure before proceeding with the payment of the school fees.
  • After going through the payment procedure, the you are to generate your REMITA RETRIEVAL REFERENCE for the school fees payment.
  • After generating the RRR you are to proceed to payment using either Bank Deposit, USDT payment procedure or any other relevant payment method.
  • Lastly, Click on “Pay Now” 


Federal University Of Lafia isn’t just a place to earn a degree, but it is a place to make your dream come through, if you are considering to choosing the best university, Federal University Of Lafia is the BEST UNIVERSITY for you.

After Knowing about how much is FULAFIA School Fees choosing the right university is the best decision you can ever make, it is not just about how much does Federal University Of Lafia cost, FULAFIA is one of the best university you can see in Nigeria that offers wide range of course ranging from Undergraduate program to post Graduate program.

If you have any questions about Federal University Of Lafia school fees pls don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the comments session below, we will attend to all question as soon as possible wishing you all the Best In your academic Journey!

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